FUNCTION::THREAD_IND(3stUtility functions for usingFUNCTION::THREAD_IND(3stap)

NAME function::thread_indent_depth - returns the nested-depth of the current task

SYNOPSIS thread_indent_depth:long(delta:long)

ARGUMENTS delta the amount of depth added/removed for each call

DESCRIPTION This function returns an integer equal to the nested function-call depth starting from the outermost initial level. This function is useful for saving space (consumed by whitespace) in traces with long nested function calls. Use this function in a similar fashion to thread_indent, i.e., in call-probe, use thread_indent_depth(1) and in return-probe, use thread_indent_depth(-1)

SEE ALSO tapset::indent(3stap)

SystemTap Tapset Reference December 2016 FUNCTION::THREAD_IND(3stap)