NAME get_auditfail_action - Get failure_action tunable value

SYNOPSIS #include <libaudit.h>

int get_auditfail_action (int *failmode);

DESCRIPTION This function gets the failure_action tunable value stored in /etc/libaudit.conf. get_auditfail_action should be called after an au- dit_open call returns an error to see what action the admin prefers.

The failure_action value found in /etc/libaudit.conf is copied into the failmode argument upon function return. This value should then be used by the calling application to determine what action should be taken when the audit subsystem is unavailable.

RETURN VALUE Upon success, get_auditfail_action returns a zero, and the failmode ar- gument will hold the failure_action value. The possible values for failure_action are: FAIL_IGNORE (0), FAIL_LOG (1), and FAIL_TERMINATE (2). Upon failure, get_auditfail_action returns a return code of one.

ERRORS An error is returned if there is an error reading /etc/libaudit.conf or if the failure_action tunable is not found in the file.

EXAMPLES /* Sample code */ auditfail_t failmode;

if ((fd = audit_open() ) < 0 ) { fprintf (stderr, "Cannot open netlink audit socket");

/* Get the failure_action */ if ((rc = get_auditfail_action(&failmode)) == 0) { if (failmode == FAIL_LOG) fprintf (stderr, "Audit subsystem unavailable"); else if (failmode == FAIL_TERMINATE) exit (1); /* If failmode == FAIL_IGNORE, do nothing */ } }

SEE ALSO audit_open(3), auditd(8).

AUTHOR Lisa M. Smith.

Linux 2.7 2006-7-10 GET_AUDITFAIL_ACTION(3)