NAME gnome-session-selector - Selects a session to use with gnome-session

SYNOPSIS gnome-session-selector ([session]|--action [(save|print|load))])

DESCRIPTION gnome-session-selector can be used from a xsession desktop file to select a session before gnome-session is run. gnome-session reads and stores its session in the "${XDG_DATA_HOME}/gnome-session/saved-ses- sion" directory. gnome-session-selector works by replacing the saved- session directory by a symlink to another directory. Since the session name is used as the directory name, it may not contain / characters or begin with a ..

When a session name is specified, gnome-session-selector will create a symlink to select this session.

When started without arguments or with --action load, gnome-session- selector will present a dialog that allows to choose one of the exist- ing sessions or create a new one.

When started with --action save, gnome-session-selector will present a dialog that allows to choose a session, or create a new one, then per- forms a session save operation.

SEE ALSO gnome-session(1)