NAME git-mktree - Build a tree-object from ls-tree formatted text

SYNOPSIS git mktree [-z] [--missing] [--batch]

DESCRIPTION Reads standard input in non-recursive ls-tree output format, and creates a tree object. The order of the tree entries is normalised by mktree so pre-sorting the input is not required. The object name of the tree object built is written to the standard output.

OPTIONS -z Read the NUL-terminated ls-tree -z output instead.

--missing Allow missing objects. The default behaviour (without this option) is to verify that each tree entrys sha1 identifies an existing object. This option has no effect on the treatment of gitlink entries (aka "submodules") which are always allowed to be missing.

--batch Allow building of more than one tree object before exiting. Each tree is separated by as single blank line. The final new-line is optional. Note - if the -z option is used, lines are terminated with NUL.

AUTHOR Written by Junio C Hamano <[1]>

DOCUMENTATION Documentation by Junio C Hamano and the git-list <[2]>.

GIT Part of the git(1) suite



Git 1.7.1 12/08/2016 GIT-MKTREE(1)