genSslCert(1) genSslCert(1)

NAME genSslCert - Generate SSL certificates for Small-Footprint CIM Broker (sfcb)


DESCRIPTION Script to generate the server.pem and client.pem SSL certificate files to enable the Small-Footprint CIM Broker to handle https requests from CIM clients.

FILES /usr/share/sfcb/ The genSslCert script.

/etc/sfcb/server.pem The server certificate file.

/etc/sfcb/client.pem The client certificate file.

PREREQUISITES Requires OpenSSL package to be installed.

AUTHOR Adrian Schuur <>

BUGS The SBLIM project maintains a mailing list to which you should direct all questions regarding sfcb, sfcc, wbemcli, or any of the SBLIM providers. To subscribe to this mailing list visit

The SBLIM Project Bug tracking page can be found at

COPYRIGHT (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2004, 2005

AVAILABILITY The Small-Footprint CIM Broker (sfcb) is a part of the SBLIM project. The most recent version is available on the web at

SEE ALSO sfcbd(1)

genSslCert Version 1.3.11 August 2005 genSslCert(1)