LVS(8) LVS(8)

NAME fos - failover services daemon to control the Red Hat clustering ser- vices.

SYNOPSIS fos [-c cfgfile|--configfile=cfgfile] [-n|--nodaemon] [--nofork] [-t|--test-start] [-v|--verbose] [-f|--monitor] [-F|--active] [-?|--help] [--usage] [--version]

DESCRIPTION fos reads the failover services section in the cluster configuration file The program must be run with either "--monitor" or "--active" (or -f and -F) specified. If "--monitor" is used, the pro- gram starts nanny daemons to monitor IP services on a partner system. If "--active" is specified, the program starts the IP services on the local system by executing startup scripts. In both cases, a service failure or child daemon exiting will cause fos to terminate, which in turn will notify pulse that something failed and to initiate a cluster failover.

fos is normally started by pulse although it can be run as a command line tool. Similarly, the configuration file that tells fos what to do is normally edited by piranha, but it can be manually edited.

All activity from fos is logged to syslog (when fos is running as a daemon).

OPTIONS -c cfgfile|--configfile=cfgfile Normally, fos uses as its configuration file, but this can be overridden and another file can be used.

-n|--nodaemon Normally, fos runs as a daemon, however using this option, fos runs in the foreground. When running in this mode, all its out- put is sent to STDOUT instead of syslog.

--nofork Dont fork, but do perform disassociate.

-t|--test-start Running fos is test mode allows the user to monitor what fos would actually do. This is only useful during debugging.

-v|--verbose Display additional debugging information as it runs.

-f|--monitor Start and control nanny daemons that will monitor services (defined in the file) on a partner computer system. Either this option, or "-F|--active" must be specified.

-F|--active Start the IP services (defined in the file) on the local system using scripts. Either this option or "-f|--monitor" must be specified.

-?|--help Shows a verbose usage listing.

--usage Outputs a terse argument summary.

--version Print program version.

SEE ALSO ipvsadmn(8) lvsd(8) nanny(8) pulse(8) send_arp(8)

AUTHOR Keith Barrett <>

4th Berkeley Distribution Thu May 10 2001 LVS(8)