NAME foomatic-printjob - manage printer jobs in a spooler-independent fash- ion

SYNOPSIS foomatic-printjob [ -s spooler ] [ -P queuename ] [ -o option1=value1 -o option2 ... ] [ -i ] [ file1 file2 ... ]

foomatic-printjob -Q [ -s spooler ] [ -P queuename ] [ -i ] [ -a ] [ user1 user2 ... ]

foomatic-printjob -R [ -s spooler ] [ -P queuename ] [ -i ] [ - | jobid1 jobid2 ... ]

foomatic-printjob -C [ -s spooler ] [ -i ] command [ arguments ]

foomatic-printjob -S [ -s spooler ] [ -i ]

foomatic-printjob -h [ -s spooler ] [ -P queuename ] [ -i ]

DESCRIPTION foomatic-printjob provides a spooler-independent interface to creating and managing printer jobs and print queues. Note that the first argu- ment changes the mode of the command, as it combines the functionality of several System V-style printing commands.

OPTIONS -sspooler Explicit spooler type.

-Pqueuename Any commands specified should apply to this queue instead of the default.

-ooption=value Set option to value

-ooption Set the switch option

-#n Print n copies

file1 file2 ... Files to be printed, when no file is given, standard input will be printed

-Q Query the jobs in a queue. If a list of users is specified, only those users jobs will be queried.

-Q -a Query the jobs in all queues. If a list of users is speci- fied, only those users jobs will be queried.

-R [ - | jobid1 jobid2 ... ] Remove a job from a queue. Using - will remove all jobs.

-C command [ arguments ] Execute control commands for queue/job manipulation. The commands are the ones of the BSD "lpc" utility. Use the con- trol command "help" to get a list of supported commands. Note: the amount of commands varies with the spooler, but the same commands given under different spoolers do the same thing.

-i Interactive mode: You will be asked if foomatic-printjob is in doubt about something. Otherwise foomatic-printjob uses auto-detection or quits with an error.

-S Save the chosen spooler as the default spooler

-h Show this message or show a list of available options if a queue is specified

SEE ALSO foomatic-configure(1) and the documentation for your print spooler.

AUTHOR Manfred Wassmann <> and Chris Lawrence <> for the foomatic project using output from the associated binary.

BUGS This manpage still needs some editing.

Foomatic Project 2001-01-06 FOOMATIC-PRINTJOB(1)