FAILLOG(5) File Formats and Conversions FAILLOG(5)

NAME faillog - login failure logging file

DESCRIPTION /var/log/faillog maintains a count of login failures and the limits for each account.

The file contains fixed length records, indexed by numerical UID. Each record contains the count of login failures since the last successful login; the maximum number of failures before the account is disabled; the line on whiche the last login failure occurred; the date of the last login failure; and the duration (in seconds) during which the account will be locked after a failure.

The structure of the file is:

struct faillog { short fail_cnt; short fail_max; char fail_line[12]; time_t fail_time; long fail_locktime; };

FILES /var/log/faillog Failure logging file.

SEE ALSO faillog(8)

File Formats and Conversions 07/24/2009 FAILLOG(5)