NAME autofs_ldap_auth.conf - autofs LDAP authentication configuration

DESCRIPTION LDAP authenticated binds, TLS encrypted connections and certification may be used by setting appropriate values in the autofs authentication configuration file and configuring the LDAP client with appropriate settings. The default location of this file is /etc/autofs_ldap_auth.conf. If this file exists it will be used to es- tablish whether TLS or authentication should be used.

An example of this file is:

<?xml version="1.0" ?> <autofs_ldap_sasl_conf usetls="yes" tlsrequired="no" authrequired="no" authtype="DIGEST-MD5" user="xyz" secret="abc" />

If TLS encryption is to be used the location of the Certificate Author- ity certificate must be set within the LDAP client configuration in or- der to validate the server certificate. If, in addition, a certified connection is to be used then the client certificate and private key file locations must also be configured within the LDAP client.

OPTIONS This files contains a single XML element, as shown in the example above, with several attributes.

The possible attributes are:

usetls="yes"|"no" Determines whether an encrypted connection to the ldap server should be attempted.

tlsrequired="yes"|"no" This flag tells whether the ldap connection must be encrypted. If set to "yes", the automounter will fail to start if an en- crypted connection cannot be established.

authrequired="yes"|"no"|"autodetect" This option tells whether an authenticated connection to the ldap server is required in order to perform ldap queries. If this flag is set to yes, then only authenticated connections will be allowed. If it is set to no then authentication is not needed for ldap server connections. Finally, if it is set to au- todetect then the ldap server will be queried to establish a suitable authentication mechanism. If no suitable mechanism can be found, connections to the ldap server are made without au- thentication.

authtype="GSSAPI"|"LOGIN"|"PLAIN"|"ANONYMOUS"|"DIGEST-MD5" This attribute can be used to specify a preferred authentication mechanism. In normal operations, the automounter will attempt to authenti- cate to the ldap server using the list of supportedSASLmecha- nisms obtained from the directory server. Explicitly setting the authtype will bypass this selection and only try the mecha- nism specified.

user="<username>" This attribute holds the authentication identity used by authen- tication mechanisms that require it. Legal values for this at- tribute include any printable characters that can be used by the selected authentication mechanism.

secret="<password>" This attribute holds the secret used by authentication mecha- nisms that require it. Legal values for this attribute include any printable characters that can be used by the selected au- thentication mechanism.

clientprinc="<GSSAPI client principal>" When using GSSAPI authentication, this attribute is consulted to determine the principal name to use when authenticating to the directory server. By default, this will be set to "autof- sclient/<fqdn>@<REALM>.

credentialcache="<external credential cache path>" When using GSSAPI authentication, this attribute can be used to specify an externally configured credential cache that is used during authentication. By default, autofs will setup a memory based credential cache.

SEE ALSO auto.master(5),

AUTHOR This manual page was written by Ian Kent <>.